The members of the Planning Commission shall serve without pay, and it shall be the duty of such Commission to prepare from time to time plans for the systematic development and betterment of the city as a place of residence or for business. When appropriate, the Planning Commission may make recommendations to the City Manager regarding employment: engineers, attorneys, planners, consultants, clerks and a secretary or other help deemed necessary, subject to budget and the approval of the City Council. If the salary and compensation of such employees exceeds $15,000 annually they shall be approved by the City Council according to the city purchasing ordinance §§ 37.005et seq. and shall be paid out of the City Treasury as other officers and employees and the necessary expenses incurred by the Commission shall be paid out of the City Treasury as other legal expenses of the city government.
(Ord. 1544, passed 3-13-07; Am. Ord. 1705, passed 11-12-13)