§ 157.190  AMENDMENTS.
   (A)   There is adopted and incorporated by reference 11 O.S. §§ 43-103 through 43-106 providing for notice of public hearings on proposed regulations and amendments and changes of regulations, restrictions and district boundaries.  In addition, applications for zoning changes, subdivision plats, conditional use permits, planned unit developments, manufactured home placements, and reviews, shall contain an accurate legal description  and map of the land and existing buildings.  A certified abstractor's list of all property located within 300 feet of the subject property boundary shall be submitted with the application.  The application shall be delivered to the Planning Commission at least 23 days prior to the Planning Commission meeting. Notices shall be mailed to all owners of property located within 300 feet of the subject property at least 21 days prior to the hearing.  The Planning Commission shall publish, at the expense of the applicant, a notice of the public hearing in an official newspaper of general circulation in the city, at least 15 days prior to the date of the public hearing giving the time and place of the public hearing and a purpose for the request.
   (B)   In case an application for amendment to the regulations is denied, the application shall not be eligible for reconsideration for one year subsequent to such denial. A new application affecting or including all or part of the same property must be substantially different from the application denied, in the opinion of the Council, to be eligible for consideration within less than one year of the denial of the original application.
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