§ 157.094  DESIGNATION.
   (A)   If the Planning Commission finds that the area meets the criteria found in this subchapter, they shall prepare a designation ordinance which protects the proposed district against detrimental development action.
   (B)   The designation ordinance shall identify the district boundaries. The designation ordinance may include the following:
      (1)   Specific standards and controls to regulate the district. These may include provisions governing:
         (a)   The use of land;
         (b)   Density or intensity of land use such as minimum lot size, maximum floor area, floor area ratios, number of dwelling units per acre,
minimum lot area per dwelling unit and other related provisions;
         (c)   Area and bulk restrictions, including setbacks, maximum lot coverage, height controls, open space requirements and other related provisions;
         (d)   Accessory uses and yard utilization regulations such as landscaping, fencing, carports, access regulations, sidewalks, home occupations, animal regulations, signs and other related provisions;
         (e)   Vehicle regulations such as access to the land parcels, number of required parking spaces per type of use, the location and design of parking areas, restrictions concerning recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, large trucks and other related provisions;
      (2)   Regulation of the conversion of existing structures, including provisions governing the use of converted structures, minimum structural standards, minimum floor area standards, minimum volume, parking or related provisions;
      (3)   Special procedures and techniques for enforcement of the city’s building, housing and maintenance codes.
   (C)   The designation ordinance may designate all or part of the district as a “special renovation for preservation area” as authorized by state or federal law.
   (D)   The Planning Commission shall forward the designation ordinance and its recommendations to the City Council for the Council’s consideration.
(`93 Code, § 12-263)  (Ord. 1040, passed 4-12-83)