§ 157.090  PURPOSES.
   The PUCD is intended to promote the health, safety, economic, cultural and general welfare of the public by encouraging the conservation and enhancement of the urban environment. The purposes of the district are:
   (A)   To identify physical, social and economic resources within the urban environment that are worth of conservation;
   (B)   To maintain neighborhood character and integrity by focusing special attention on the maintenance of the physical environment, the enhancement of physical, social and economic resources and the accommodation of desirable change;
   (C)   To prevent economic obsolescence and to promote reinvestment by fostering stable property values; by fostering an appropriate level of economic activity; and by maintaining essential urban services and the focusing of financial assistance and other economic development programs;
   (D)   To promote the efficient use of urban lands, including the encouragement of compatible infill development on vacant and passed-over parcels;
   (E)   To encourage and to support rehabilitation of the physical environment and programs for the conservation and revitalization of urban areas; and
   (F)   To foster the harmonious, orderly and efficient growth development and redevelopment of the city.
(`93 Code, § 12-259)  (Ord. 1040, passed 4-12-83)