The building setback from the exterior boundaries of the PUD shall not be less than the minimum yards customarily required for the district or districts in which located; provided that within 200 feet of any abutting property in a residential district, structures exceeding ten feet in height measured from the ground floor to the eave or top of vertical wall if there is no eave shall conform to the setback requirements of the zoning district plus two feet of setback for each one foot of building height exceeding ten feet measured from the ground floor level to the eave or top of vertical wall if there is no eave. An unenclosed off-street parking area, containing five or more spaces, shall be screened from adjoining areas in a residential district by the erection of a screening wall, fence or hedge of acceptable design along the lot line or lines in common with the residential district, provided that if the parking area is located more than 50 feet from the residential district, the Planning Commission may waive screening requirements.
(`93 Code, § 12-256)  (Ord. 1040, passed 4-12-83)