The space required in a Planned Unit Development project, including lot area, area per unit and percent of lot coverage, exclusive of the area of public or private streets, shall meet the requirements of the districts wherein the project is located (as set out in § 157.022); provided, however, that upon a finding that the PUD proposal is so designed as to provide the best use of the land with, at the same time, a good and full protection of the public welfare and the general intent and spirit of the comprehensive plan and the zoning ordinance the Planning Commission may award an increase in the density of development not to exceed 10% of that otherwise allowable in the districts in which the PUD is located. If the project area falls in two or more zoning districts, the space requirements of the project shall be established by calculating the requirements of the various districts as applied to the amount of area in each district. In a Planned Unit Development all area used for development purposes, including recreating areas, open space areas, parking lots and similar space may be counted as part of the aggregate development area for computation of space requirements. The area of Planned Unit Development shall be considered as one parcel regardless of the extent to which the area may be divided by interior streets or other features.
(`93 Code, § 12-254)  (Ord. 1040, passed 4-12-83)