The primary uses in a Planned Unit Development shall be those permitted in the zoning districts involved or those uses permitted in more restrictive zoning districts (for example, in a commercial district a Planned Unit Development could be dominated by shopping facilities or apartments, but in a multi-family residential district the predominate land use would have to be housing). In predominantly residential PUDs certain other principal uses, other than dwellings, which are permitted by right or exception in the residential districts may be included within a PUD, if such uses do not occupy more than 10% of the gross area of the PUD and are designed and located to be compatible with the residential uses of the PUD and with the residential use of adjacent properties. It is intended that the PUD provisions may be used as an alternative approach in the processing of all types of developments.
(`93 Code, § 12-252)  (Ord. 1040, passed 4-12-83)