(A)   The facilities shall be located on a parcel with a minimum net lot area of one acre if on sanitary sewer unless located in the Central Business District (CBD) or in a multi-tenant building provided such multi-tenant building is in compliance with the zoning district regulations as defined in § 157.032.
   (B)   Steeples, bell towers, minarets, spires, and comparable structures associated with a particular religious organization shall not be prohibited by the zoning district regulations as defined in § 157.032 provided:
      (1)   The identified structure is a structurally attached part of the primary building;
      (2)   The identified structure is not habitably higher than the permitted zoning height requirement for the rest of the structure;
      (3)   The identified structure is of the type commonly associated with the call to worship or the identity of the congregation;
      (4)   The identified structure contains no symbols or words or similar items on its outer surface that are not associated with worship; and
      (5)   The construction plans for the identified structure shall be structurally engineered and the plans signed and sealed by a licensed structural engineer.
   (C)   A Traffic Impact Study, to be paid for by the applicant, shall be required when the seating capacity is 1,000 or greater, along with a Traffic Mitigation Plan at minimum the following requirements:
      (1)   Have ingress and egress from a major thoroughfare or from a collector street not more than 300 feet distant (by shortest route) from a major thoroughfare; and
      (2)   Have ingress and egress so designated as to minimize traffic congestion and hazards.
(Ord. 1509, passed 7-11-06)