§ 157.059  CARPORTS.
   (A)   Definition.  For the purposes of this section, the following definition shall apply.
      CARPORT.  A roof extension or separate roof supported only by free standing columns; an unimproved structure with no plumbing or electricity; constructed and maintained in such a manner as to allow full visibility through the structure from any side, with no partially or fully opaque wall.
   (B)   Erection of a carport.  In residentially zoned districts, where there exist no deed restrictions or restrictive covenants to the contrary, the erection of a carport shall be permissible outside the building setback lines provided that:
      (1)   The erection of the structure does not present a nuisance;
      (2)   No portion of the structure extends into, over, under or beyond a roadway, utility, drainage or other designated easement;
      (3)   No portion of the structure extends into, over, under or beyond a sight triangle as described in § 157.176;
      (4)   No individual support column shall exceed a size of six inches wide by six inches deep;
      (5)   No carport constructed outside of the building setback lines shall exceed 24 feet in width by 24 feet in depth;
      (6)   No two support columns shall be spaced closer than four feet apart;
      (7)   No portion of the structure shall encroach, in any manner, upon the building setback requirements from any residentially zoned property immediately abutting the property on which the carport structure is to be erected;
      (8)   No portion of the roof shall extend below nine feet in height;
      (9)   All sides of the structure shall remain open and unobstructed so as to allow a clear line of sight into, through and beyond the structure when no vehicle is parked under the roof.
   (C)   Carport to be maintained.  Any carport constructed outside or beyond the building setback requirements shall be maintained, as in all other areas, in a safe and sanitary condition and shall be used only as a parking space for motor vehicles maintained in a fully assembled, operable and legally registered condition so as to not present a nuisance.
(Am. Ord. 1257, passed 12-9-97)