§ 157.054  FLOOD DISTRICT.
   (A)   The Flood District is shown on the (FIRM) Flood Insurance Rate Maps dated June 2, 2011.  The exact configuration of this area is based on the best available information. It is recognized that the area may change as new information becomes available.
   (B)   The Flood District is a supplemental zoning district (sometimes called an overlay district) in that it is an additional zoning district applied to flood prone properties. All properties within the flood district will have a nonsupplemental zoning classification applied to them.
   (C)   The authorization of land uses must be reviewed by the Floodplain Manager on the basis of individual applications. Applications for use permits within the flood district must include documentation that shows:
      (1)   The proposed use will not be subject to flood damage caused by the regulatory flood; and
      (2)   The proposed use will not measurably increase flood heights or flood flows upstream or downstream of the proposed development.
   (D)   The above documentation shall be submitted to the Durant Community Development and certified by the City Floodplain Manager.
(`93 Code, § 12-241)  (Ord. 1040, passed 4-12-83; Am. Ord. 1685, passed 8-14-12)