§ 157.051  SEWER SERVICE.
   (A)   No new structure in any district providing sanitary facilities shall be constructed, commenced or inhabited which does not have a connection to the public sewer system when there is available a sewer line within 300 feet of the nearest property boundary on which the structure is to be located.  When the public sewer becomes available (within 300 feet of the closest boundary) the owner of the property shall connect to the public sewer.
   (B)   The sewer for a new or remodeled building or structure shall be installed in accordance with the current International Plumbing Code, as amended from time to time, and other applicable rules and regulations of the city.  If the structure is more than 300 feet from a public sewer system, a permit shall be obtained from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) authorizing the construction of a substitute disposal system.
   (C)   Water and sewer taps and connections will be performed by maintenance personnel of the Durant City Utilities Authority when water and/or sewer service is to be provided by the city.  Fees for materials, plus labor and equipment costs for water and sewer taps and connections will be paid in advance.
   (D)   In the event of a public health hazard created by a non-functioning waste water line or lift station, the city may take emergency action, without notice, to insure sanitary service is restored. The city may contract with a third party to remedy the hazard. The owner shall be responsible for reimbursement to the city for any costs associated with the emergency action. Failure of the responsible party to correct a public health hazard is subject to fines and or penalties as provided in § 10.99 of the code of ordinances.
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