Home occupations (defined in § 157.006), in those districts where permitted, are subject to all of the following conditions:
   (A)   In any dwelling unit, all home occupations, collectively, shall not occupy more than 25% of the gross floor area of one floor of the dwelling unit, nor more than 300 square feet of gross floor area, but these limitations shall not apply to foster family care;
   (B)   A home occupation shall not require internal or external alterations or involve construction features or the use of mechanical equipment not customary in dwellings;
   (C)   The entrance to the space devoted to a home occupation shall be from within the dwelling;
   (D)   There shall not be displayed or created outside the building or displayed by means of windows or openings in the structure any external evidence of the operation of the occupation, except for each street front of the zoning lot on which the building is located, one unanimated, non- illuminated, accessory identification sign not to exceed two square feet in area to be placed flat against a wall or door or displayed in a window;
   (E)   Power shall be limited to electric motors, with a total limitation of three horsepower per dwelling unit;
   (F)   The home occupation shall be conducted solely by resident occupants of the dwelling unit in which the occupation is conducted and shall not have any employees who do not reside in the dwelling unit; and
   (G)   To permit a beauty shop, one operator chair, a petition shall be presented to the Planning Commission representing the approval of 75% of the property owners within 300 feet with mandatory approval of those abutting the property.
(`93 Code, § 12-232)  (Ord. 1040, passed 4-12-83)