(A)   General description.  The CE Overlay District is designed to protect the area around the Choctaw Casino and Resort; create a district dedicated to entertainment, recreation and tourism; recognize the development and operational characteristics unique to a unified entertainment district; and promote higher-quality development standards.
   (B)   District and designation boundaries.
      (1)   The initial boundaries of the CE Overlay District shall be as follows: the area bounded by the right-of-way of U.S.-69/75; the right-of-way of Choctaw Road; and the right-of-way of Business U.S.-69/South 9th Avenue.
      (2)   Amendments of the CE Overlay District shall be established in the same manner as amendments to any other zoning district or supplemental designation.
      (3)   The boundaries of the CE Overlay District may be amended so as to maintain uniformity with the purpose of these regulations.
   (C)   General regulations.  The following general regulations apply to the use of land located within the CE Overlay District:
      (1)   Metal buildings.  All metal buildings will provide a façade treatment, as provided for in the § 157.060, that will cover 100% of the building's entire exterior walls.
      (2)   Landscaping. Landscaping, as required in § 157.061, shall be provided for at least 10% of the total gross area of the lot. Sod alone shall not be considered to meet the minimum landscaping requirements.
   (D)   Uses permitted.  Property and buildings in the CE Overlay District shall be used only for the following purposes:
      (1)   Agriculture;
      (2)   Art gallery;
      (3)   Bank, savings and loan, or credit union;
      (4)   Banquet hall;
      (5)   Bars and taverns (accessory use for restaurants and hotel/motels only);
      (6)   Cafeterias;
      (7)   Cafeterias (accessory use);
      (8)   Child care center (accessory use);
      (9)   Civic center;
      (10)   Commercial amusement (indoor);
      (11)   Community center;
      (12)   Exhibition hall;
      (13)   Fire station;
      (14)   Fitness/health center;
      (15)   Health/fitness center;
      (16)   Hotel/motel;
      (17)   Library;
      (18)   Meeting hall;
      (19)   Motel/hotel;
      (20)   Outdoor restaurant seating;
      (21)   Park/playground;
      (22)   Playground/park;
      (23)   Post office;
      (24)   Public safety/law enforcement building;
      (25)   Reception hall;
      (26)   Recreation center – private;
      (27)   Recreation center – public;
      (28)   Residence hotel;
      (29)   Restaurant, entertainment;
      (30)   Restaurant, full service;
      (31)   Restaurant, micro-brewery/winery;
      (32)   Retail/service (incidental);
      (33)   Snack & nonalcoholic beverage bars;
      (34)   Snack and nonalcoholic beverage bars; (accessory use);
      (35)   Service/retail (incidental);
      (36)   Theater – drive-in;
      (37)   Theater – neighborhood;
      (38)   Theater – regional;
      (39)   Transit center;
      (40)   Accessory buildings which are not a part of the main building, including property offices, security booths, and accessory buildings which are a part of the main building.
   (E)   Uses requiring conditional use permits. The following may be permitted on review in accordance with the provisions pertaining to conditional use permits:
      (1)   Arena/auditorium/stadium;
      (2)   Auditorium/arena/stadium;
      (3)   Bars and taverns – (drinking places);
      (4)   Child care center;
      (5)   Commercial amusement (outdoor);
      (6)   Convenience store;
      (7)   Dance club;
      (8)   Exhibition/fairgrounds area;
      (9)   Night club;
      (10)   Parking lot - commercial;
      (11)   Personal service shop;
      (12)   Private recreation facility;
      (13)   Restaurant, fast food;
      (14)   Restaurant, fast food with drive through window;
      (15)   Restaurant, take out;
      (16)   Shopping center (The uses allowed in the shopping center shall be determined and regulated through the conditional use permit process);
      (17)   Stadium/auditorium/arena;
      (18)   Worship facility.
   (F)   Base district regulations.  The regulations of the base zoning district not in conflict with the regulations for the CE Overlay District shall apply.
   (G)   Special district provisions.
      (1)   Parking.  The Community Development Director may reduce the general parking requirements for uses in the CE Overlay District up to 50% based upon a reasonable expectation that the patrons of such use will also be patrons of the Choctaw Casino and Resort and will be utilizing their parking facilities.
      (2)   Exceptions to area regulations.  The Planning Commission may waive the front, side, and rear setback regulations of the base zoning district upon the following findings:
         (a)   The exception is necessary for the orderly development of the site;
         (b)   The exception will not have a negative impact on surrounding properties;
         (c)   The exception will not have a negative impact on the transportation system; and
         (d)   All applicable fire and life safety regulations are met as determined by the Fire Marshal and Building Official.
(Ord. 1600, passed 8-12-08)