(A)   As districts are designated they shall be bound and defined as shown on a map entitled “Zoning Map of the City of Durant, County of Bryan, State of Oklahoma.” The map as amended and all explanatory materials thereon is made a part of these regulations. Zoning districts shall be designated as follows:
      (1)   Agricultural District:  A-1 Agricultural District;
      (2)   Residential Districts:
         (a)   R-1 Single-Family District;
         (b)   R-2 Two-Family District; and
         (c)   R-3 General Residential District;
      (3)   Commercial Districts:
         (a)   C-O Professional and Business Offices District;
         (b)   Convenience Commercial District;
         (c)   C-2 Highway Commercial and Commercial Recreation District; and
         (d)   C-3 General Commercial District;
      (4)   Industrial Districts:
         (a)   I-1 Light Industrial District;
         (b)   I-2 Medium Industrial District; and
      (5)   Community Development Plan District:
         (a)   H-1 Health Facilities District; and
         (b)   H-2 Health Facilities District.
   (B)   Specific district regulations are set forth in §§ 157.020et seq.
(`93 Code, § 12-204)  (Ord. 1040, passed 4-12-83)