General Provisions
   157.001   Citation
   157.002   Purpose
   157.003   Nature and application
   157.004   Zoning districts
   157.005   Interpretation of district boundaries
   157.006   Definitions
   157.007   Onsite stormwater management
Zoning Districts
   157.020   A-1 General Agricultural District
   157.021   R-1 Single-Family Residential District
   157.022   R-2 Two-Family Residential District
   157.023   R-3 General Residential District
   157.023-A   R-4 Manufactured Housing District
   157.023-B   Front yard regulations
   157.024   C-0 Professional and Business Offices District
   157.025   C-1 Convenience Commercial District
   157.026   C-2 Highway Commercial and Commercial Recreation District
   157.027   C-3 General Commercial District
   157.027-A   CBD Central Business District
   157.028   I-1 Light Industrial District
   157.029   I-2 Medium Industrial District
   157.030   H-1 Health Facilities District
   157.031   Uses permitted in districts
   157.032   District regulations
   157.033   CE Casino Entertainment Overlay District
   157.034   Highway Overlay District
Special Conditions
   157.045   General
   157.046   Home occupations
   157.047   Off-street parking requirements
   157.048   Modification of waiver of requirements
   157.049   Storage and parking of trailers and commercial vehicles
   157.050   Mobile home park or court
   157.051   Sewer service
   157.052   Bulk limitations (floor area ratio)
   157.053   Industrial district standards
   157.054   Flood district
   157.055   Miscellaneous uses
   157.056   Fire zone
   157.057   Oil and gas wells and associated facilities
   157.058   Screening requirements
   157.059   Carports
   157.060   Metal buildings and building facades in all Commercial, Residential and Health Facilities Districts
   157.061   Landscaping required
   157.062   Tattoo, body piercing and body painting studios
   157.063   Shared parking reduction pilot study
   157.064   Worship facilities
   157.065   Child care centers and family child care homes
   157.066   Hotels and motels
   157.067   Duplex, two-family, and multi-family dwellings
   157.068   Recreational vehicle parks
   157.069   Agricultural lands exempt from certain development regulations
   157.069-A   Adult oriented establishments
Planned Developments
   157.070   PUD purposes
   157.071   Uses permitted in PUDs
   157.072   PUD accessory uses
   157.073   PUD area requirements
   157.074   PUD height requirements
   157.075   PUD perimeter requirements
   157.076   PUD off-street parking and loading
   157.077   Administration of PUD
Planned Unit Conservation District
   157.090   Purposes
   157.091   Definitions
   157.092   General provisions
   157.093   Designation procedure
   157.094   Designation
   157.095   Designation criteria
   157.096   Taxes
Provisions Applying to All Districts
   157.110   Continuing existing nonconforming uses
   157.111   Limitations on nonconforming uses
   157.112   Cessation of use of building or land
   157.113   Reserved
   157.114   Construction approved prior to regulations
   157.115   Replacement of damaged or destroyed nonconforming uses
   157.116   Repairs to nonconforming uses, limitation
   157.117   Height and density
   157.118   Buildings
   157.119   Street access
   157.120   Annexation
   157.121   Prohibiting uses not in complete agreement with an allowable district use
Exceptions and Modifications
   157.175   Existing lots of record
   157.176   Fences, walls, hedges, portable electric ground signs
   157.177   Planting in parkways
   157.178   Obstructions around fire hydrants
Administration and Enforcement
   157.190   Amendments
   157.191   Certificate of occupancy
   157.192   Conditional use permits
   157.999   Penalty
   For zoning districts where commercial medical marijuana businesses are permitted upon review, see § 111.164
   For sign regulations, see Chapter 159