The subdivider of any subdivision designed to be used for residential, commercial, industrial and or other purposes shall lay out, grade and otherwise improve all streets that are designated on the approved plat or that directly serve the subdivision in accordance with the specifications of the Planning Commission and the city and in accordance with the following provisions:
   (A)   The design of an improvement of an intersection of any new street with an existing state or federal highway shall be in accordance with the specifications of the Oklahoma State Highway Department, but in no case shall the standard be less than the applicable specifications of the city;
   (B)   Whenever a subdivision contains a major street that requires a street facility that is more costly than is required to serve the future occupants of the subdivision, the subdivider shall be required to pay only the portion of the cost of the major street that would equal the cost of an improvement required to serve only the subdivision, as determined by the Planning Commission and the city;
   (C)   All driveways which connect with public streets shall be constructed in accordance with “Standard Design of Driveway Entrances for Oklahoma Highways,” revised, September, 1960, and subsequent amendments, thereto, as prepared by Oklahoma State Department of Transportation; and
   (D)   These regulations shall apply jointly with the adopted standard construction details of streets of arterial, collector and local types. These regulations provide for both portland cement concrete construction and asphaltic concrete as alternates.
(`93 Code, § 12-455)  (Ord. 1041, passed 4-12-83)