§ 156.064  BLOCKS.
   (A)   The lengths, widths and shapes of blocks shall be determined with due regard for the following:
      (1)   Provision of adequate building sites suitable to the special needs of the type of use contemplated;
      (2)   Zoning requirements as to lot sizes and dimensions;
      (3)   Needs for convenient access, circulation, control and safety of street traffic; and
      (4)   Limitations and opportunities of topography.
   (B)   Blocks for residential use shall not be longer than 1,800 feet, measured along the center line of the block. When a block exceeds 600 feet in length, the Planning Commission may require a dedicated easement not less than 5 feet in width and a paved crosswalk not less than 5 feet in width to provide pedestrian access across the block.
   (C)   Blocks used for residential purposes should be of sufficient width to allow for two tiers of lots of appropriate depth, but should be not less than 200 feet in width. Blocks intended for business and industrial use should be of a width suitable for the intended use, with due allowance for off-street parking and loading facilities.
(`93 Code, § 12-444)  (Ord. 1041, passed 4-12-83)