§ 156.063  EASEMENTS.
   (A)   Where alleys are not provided, easements not less than ten feet wide shall be provided along each rear lot line. A five-foot easement along side lot lines of individual plots may be required where necessary for use by public and private utilities. The Planning Commission may require air rights and easements of greater width for the extension of main storm and sanitary sewers and other utilities where it is deemed necessary.
   (B)   When a subdivision is adjacent to unplatted land, the easements for public and private utilities shall be:
      (1)   Provided as 20 feet wide on the land being subdivided; or
      (2)   Provided as ten feet wide on the land being subdivided with an easement ten feet wide being presented adjacent and simultaneous to the presentation of the final plat.
(`93 Code, § 12-443)  (Ord. 1041, passed 4-12-83)