§ 156.062  ALLEYS.
   Alleys shall be as follows:
   (A)   Alleys shall be provided in commercial and industrial districts, except that the Planning Commission may waive this requirement where other definite and assured provision is made for service access, such as off-street loading, unloading and parking consistent with and adequate for the uses proposed;
   (B)   Alleys serving commercial and industrial areas shall be not less than 30 feet in width;
   (C)   Alleys are not required for residential areas, but when provided shall be not less than 20 feet in width;
   (D)   Alley intersections and sharp changes in alignment should be avoided, but where necessary, corners shall be cut off sufficiently to permit safe vehicular movement;
   (E)   Dead-end alleys should be avoided, but if necessary, shall be provided with adequate turn around facilities at the dead end, as determined by the Planning Commission; and
   (F)   Alleys shall be finished with a sealed surface and otherwise constructed to the city’s specifications.
(`93 Code, §12-442)  (Ord. 1041, passed 4-12- 83; Am. Ord. 1859, passed 7-10-18)