(A)   This section applies to the platting and development of any single parcel greater than five acres or the subdivision and development of any property into parts, each part being greater than five acres. The term DEVELOPMENT means the new construction or the enlargement of any exterior dimension of any building, structure, or improvement. The term IMPROVEMENT shall include the construction of a utility, road, parking, or drainage system. The term shall also apply to the grading of land or clearance of trees, except as may be permitted for valid agricultural use of the property.
   (B)   A development plat must be prepared by a registered professional land surveyor as a boundary survey showing:
      (1)   Each existing or proposed building, structure or improvement or proposed modification of the external configuration of the building, structure or improvement;
      (2)   Each easement and right-of-way within or abutting the boundary of the surveyed property; and
      (3)   The dimensions of each street, sidewalk, alley, square, park, or other part of property intended to be dedicated to public use or for the use of purchasers or owners of lots fronting on or adjacent to the street, sidewalk, alley, square, park, or other part; and
      (4)   Any additional information as required by this chapter to apply for the approval of a plat.
   (C)   The requirements and standards for design, reservation, construction, completion, maintenance, cost participation and escrow for public improvements applying to the approval of a plat shall also apply to a development plat.
   (D)   Development plats shall be processed under the same procedures and are subject to the same fees as apply to a plat. The procedures for a minor subdivision may be used when applicable.
   (E)   A development plat shall be approved if it conforms to the following standards:
      (1)   The general plans, rules, and ordinances of the city concerning its current and future streets, sidewalks, alleys, parks, playgrounds, and public utility facilities; and
      (2)   The general plans, rules, and ordinances for the extension of the city or the extension, improvement, or widening of its roads, streets, and public highways within the municipality.
   (F)   New development may not begin on the property until the development plat is filed with and approved by the city. Approved development plats and other agreements of dedication and legal documents as required shall be recorded with the County Clerk by the applicant.
(Ord. 1573, passed 11-13-07)