The applicant, Community Development Director, or two members of the City Council may appeal the decision of the Planning Commission with regard to a sketch plat, preliminary plat, final plat, replat, conveyance plat, development plat, lot-split, or other plat provided for in these regulations by filing a notice of appeal in the office of the Community Development Director, no later than ten days after the date on which the Commission notifies the applicant of its decision. Such notification may take place by means of an oral ruling by the Planning Commission at a public meeting. Written notice of any appeal shall be sent to the property owner and shall stay the decision until the appeal is decided. The notice of appeal shall set forth in clear and concise fashion the basis for the appeal. The City Council shall consider the appeal at a public meeting no later than 45 days after the date on which the notice of appeal is filed. The City Council may affirm, modify, or reverse the decision of the Planning Commission and may, where appropriate, remand the plat or variance request to the Commission for further proceedings consistent with City Council's decision.
(Ord. 1573, passed 11-13-07)