(A)   At any time following the approval of a sketch plat or preliminary plat, and before the lapse of such approval, a property owner may request an amendment. The rerouting of streets, addition or deletion of alleys, or addition or deletion of more than 10% of the approved number of lots shall be considered a major amendment. The adjustment of street and alley alignments, lengths, and paving details; the addition or deletion of lots within 10% of the approved number and the adjustment of lot lines shall be considered minor amendments.
   (B)   The Community Development Director may approve or disapprove a minor amendment. Disapproval may be appealed to the Planning Commission under the terms of this code. Major amendments may be approved by the Planning Commission at a public meeting in accordance with the same requirements for the approval of a sketch plat or preliminary plat.
   (C)   Approval.  The Planning Commission shall approve, conditionally approve or disapprove any proposed major amendment and may make any modifications in the terms and conditions of preliminary plat approval reasonably related to the proposed amendment.
   (D)   Retaining previous approval.  If the applicant is unwilling to accept the proposed amendment under the terms and conditions required by the Planning Commission, the applicant may withdraw the proposed major amendment or appeal the action of the Planning Commission to the City Council in accordance with this code.
(Ord. 1573, passed 11-13-07)