(A)   Sixty days prior to or following the lapse of approval for a sketch plat, preliminary plat, or final plat as provided in these regulations, the property owner may petition the Planning Commission to extend or reinstate the approval. Such petition shall be considered at a public meeting of the Planning Commission.
   (B)   In determining whether to grant such requests, the Planning Commission shall take into account the reasons for the lapse, the ability of the property owner to comply with any conditions attached to the original approval and the extent to which newly adopted subdivision regulations shall apply to the plat. The Planning Commission shall extend or reinstate the plat, or deny the request, in which instance the properly owner must submit a new application for approval.
   (C)   The Planning Commission may extend or reinstate the approval subject to additional conditions based upon newly enacted regulations or such as are necessary to assure compliance with the original conditions of approval. The Planning Commission may also specify a shorter time for lapse of the extended or reinstated plat than is applicable to original approvals.
   (D)   The approval of a preliminary plat for a portion or phase of a sketch plat, or the approval of a final plat for a portion or phase of a preliminary plat, shall not automatically affect the expiration of approval of the sketch plat or preliminary plat as it pertains to the balance of the property. Extensions and reinstatement of a sketch plat, preliminary plat, or final plat may be approved under the provisions of this section.
(Ord. 1573, passed 11-13-07)