§ 153.02  REGULATIONS.
   The following regulations shall apply to mobile homes:
   (A)   For a mobile home there shall be a lot not less than 50 feet in width, the length must be of sufficient length to provide the set back distances as provided herein. A mobile home may not be placed on a lot occupied by another dwelling;
   (B)   The minimum depth of the front yard shall be 25 feet, a side yard of not less than 5 feet on both sides on an interior lot or, if located on a corner lot there shall be a side yard set back from the intersecting street of not less than 15 feet and a rear yard of not less than 20 feet;
   (C)   A mobile home shall be connected to the sewer main with its own sewer line and shall have its own water meter and light meter, all of which shall conform to the ordinances and regulations pertaining to water, electric and sewers in the city;
   (D)   A mobile home shall be placed on a foundation of solid material and the foundation shall be built and placed so as to hold the mobile home solid;
   (E)   A skirt of solid material must be provided from the floor level of the mobile home to the ground to screen any opening beneath the mobile home;
   (F)   Parking of motor vehicles shall conform to parking and traffic ordinances, rules and regulations as provided for other residences in the city;
   (G)   A separate application must be made and approval obtained for the building of each accessory or supporting building or structure, including a garage, or for alteration, enlargement or change in any application previously approved. The application shall be made in writing to the Community Development Director;
   (H)   A mobile home permit shall only be issued to an owner intending to reside in the mobile home on the land that mobile home owner owns, and the permit shall expire when the owner of the mobile home ceases to reside in the mobile home, unless the owner of both the land and the mobile home is a non-profit entity and will not receive compensation for the use of either the mobile home or the land.
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