(A)   An application for the installation or erection of a manufactured home shall be submitted to the Building Official in such form as may reasonably be required to make determinations. In particular, in addition to such information as is generally required for permits and as is necessary for administrative purposes, such applications shall include all information necessary to make determinations as to conformity with the standards in this section, including photographs of all sides of the manufactured home, exterior dimensions, roof materials, roof pitch, exterior finish, installation on a permanent foundation, and other information necessary to make determinations.
   (B)   (1)   An application for the installation or erection of a manufactured home in an existing residential district may be considered for approval by the Building Official only if the exterior appearance of the home proposed for installation is compatible with, and so similar or dissimilar to, the appearance of adjoining or nearby site-built homes as to, in the view of the Building Official, be permitted by the standards established in this chapter and the standards set forth in the zoning and building codes which apply to the site of, and same zoning district as, the proposed installation.
      (2)   Dissimilarity may be used as a deciding factor in those instances where adjoining or nearby site-built homes are substandard to the property maintenance, nuisance, zoning, and/or building codes in effect at the time of the application to install the manufactured home.
(Ord. 1287, passed 8-10-99)