(A)   Prior to developing a manufactured housing subdivision, approval of a plat for the subdivision must be received. Approval of a manufactured housing subdivision shall be contingent on compliance with the subdivision regulations found in Chapter 156 and all provisions contained herein.
   (B)   Requirements for manufactured housing subdivisions. In addition to the requirements of Chapter 156, manufactured housing subdivisions must meet the following requirements:
      (1)   Manufactured housing subdivisions may only be constructed in (R-4) Manufactured Housing Districts; see the Table of Uses Permitted In Districts found in § 157.031(B).
      (2)   The minimum size of the tract of land to be subdivided for use as a manufactured housing subdivision must be five acres.
      (3)   Only one manufactured home may be placed on each subdivided lot within a manufactured housing subdivision.
      (4)   Each manufactured home in a manufactured housing subdivision shall be securely affixed to a permanent foundation containing the following elements:
         (a)   A permanent, poured in place, concrete perimeter footing measuring at least 18 inches in depth (below the finished undisturbed natural or engineered grade) and containing a minimum reinforcement of four #4 steel reinforcing bars. Minimum footing widths shall be as follows:
            1.   Twelve-inch width minimum for one-story structures
            2.   Fifteen-inch width minimum for two-story structures
            3.   Eighteen-inch width minimum for three-story structures.
         (b)   Permanent perimeter foundation walls at least six inches thick constructed of reinforced concrete, permanently mortared stone, permanently mortared brick, or reinforced concrete blocks.
         (c)   Concrete and concrete block foundation walls as well as concrete columns must be reinforced with #4 steel reinforcing bars set vertically at intervals of no less than 18 inches on center.
      (5)   The subdivision shall be screened along its perimeter by a permanent buffer area, not less than 50 feet wide, composed of trees, shrubs, or other suitable buffers approved by the Planning Commission. The buffer area may be placed on, or included as part of, individual lots within the subdivision.
      (6)   Each manufactured home lot within the subdivision shall meet the dimensional requirements for an R-3, General Residential, use as found in the Table of Minimum Dimensional Requirements in § 157.033 (essentially 50 feet by 120 feet).
      (7)   Density. The density of a manufactured housing subdivision shall not exceed seven houses per acre.
      (8)   Roads. All circulation roads within a manufactured housing subdivision shall be paved at least 27 feet wide from back of curb to back of curb. Ten feet additional width shall be paved if parking is to be permitted on one side of the road, and 20 feet additional width shall be paved if parking is to be provided on both sides of the road.
      (9)   Paving. All areas used for access, parking, or circulation shall be permanently paved according to street construction standards found in § 97.40.
      (10)   Access. Each manufactured home lot shall be designed so that access to public roads is provided to the satisfaction of the Public Works Director, Community Development Director, and Fire Chief.
      (11)   No structure shall be installed or erected in a manufactured housing subdivision prior to the issuance of the appropriate building permit nor shall it be so placed without the approval of the Building Official.
      (12)   Every manufactured home shall be inspected by the Building Inspector to insure conformance with the regulations of this chapter. Prior to the installation of any manufactured home, a building permit must be obtained through the Building Official for a fee as established by resolution of the City Council.
(Ord. 1287, passed 8-10-99)