(A)   Mobile home parks in existence prior to the enactment date of this chapter shall be governed by § 157.110, Continuing Existing Nonconforming uses, except as otherwise described in this section and the following “Schedule for Improvement to Existing Mobile Home Parks.”  No existing mobile home park, of any size, shall be permitted to expand beyond its existing boundaries or have placed a greater number of mobile home spaces developed after the enactment of this chapter conform to all the requirements of this chapter.
   (B)   All nonconforming individual mobile homes legally in use on the enactment date of this chapter shall be deemed nonconforming structures as defined in § 157.110 and may continue in their existing location subject to § 157.111.
   (C)   Mobile home parks lawfully existing at the time of the adoption of this chapter shall be required to meet the standards referenced herein on or before the following established dates:
      (1)   Skirting as required in § 152.22(Q) is required immediately (with regular enforcement of these provisions to begin within 60 days of the adoption date of this chapter);
      (2)   Licensing as required under § 152.03 shall be obtained within 6 months of the adoption date of this chapter;
      (3)   Storm sirens in accordance with § 152.22(S) within 12 months of the adoption of this chapter;
      (4)   Storm shelters in accordance with § 152.22(R) by January 1, 2010.
   (D)   Mobile home parks which are not legally in existence are hereby ordered to be removed.
(Ord. 1287, passed 8-10-99)