(A)   The application to establish a new or an expansion of an existing manufactured housing development shall be accompanied by five copies of the site development plan for the proposed development. The site development plan shall show the general layout of the entire manufactured housing (land-lease) development and shall be drawn to a scale not smaller than one inch equals 40 feet.
   (B)   In addition to the requirements of § 157.031, the plan must include the following information:
      (1)   A locator map identifying the proposed development site in relation to the city limits (boundaries);
      (2)   A topographical map of physical features at no less than one foot intervals and utilizing actual (real world) elevations in relation to sea level;
      (3)   Proposed streets in accordance with § 156.061 (and § 152.22(J) below);
      (4)   Proposed street names;
      (5)   Proposed sanitary sewers in accordance with §  156.086;
      (6)   Proposed storm water system and structures in accordance with § 156.067;
      (7)   Proposed water lines in accordance with § 156.085;
      (8)   Proposed solid waste collection system in accordance with Ordinance 1216, Resolution 96-11, and Chapter 51 of this code;
      (9)   Type and location of protective screening;
      (10)   The location of adjacent streets and all private rights-of-way existing and proposed within 300 feet of the development site;
      (11)   A legal survey identifying tract boundaries and indicating existing topography (division (2) above and (12));
      (12)   The boundaries and dimensions of the manufactured home (land-lease) development;
      (13)   The location, dimensions and number of each manufactured home space or lot;
      (14)   The proposed name of the manufactured housing development and the address as assigned by the Building Official;
      (15)   The scale of the plan and north pointing arrow (using a scale of one inch equals 40 feet);
      (16)   The location and dimensions of each existing or proposed structure, together with the usage and approximate location of all entrances, height and gross floor area of each existing and proposed structure;
      (17)   The extent, size, location, arrangement and proposed improvements of all off-street parking and loading facilities, open space, landscaping, fences, sidewalks, walls and garbage receptacles;
      (18)   The total number of manufactured home spaces shall be indicated on the first page of the plans along with the total number of off-street parking spaces;
      (19)   The location of each lighting fixture for lighting manufactured home spaces and grounds;
      (20)   The location of recreation areas, buildings and area of recreation space in square feet;
      (21)   The point where the manufactured housing (land-lease) development water and sewer systems connect with public systems;
      (22)   The location of proposed and existing fire hydrants;
      (23)   The location and size of all proposed utility easements, with not less than a ten-foot wide easement for the first city utility and an additional five  feet for each additional utility adjoining the first easement; as well as the proposed separation between all utilities;
      (24)   Grading plans.
(Ord. 1287, passed 8-10-99)