An application for an amendment to the zoning map which may allow for a Manufactured Housing District designation shall follow all procedural requirements for amendments to the official zoning map as set forth in § 157.190, and in addition shall include the following information:
   (A)   A preliminary site plan showing precise number, locations and dimensions of all manufactured home lots, public or private drives or streets, illumination facilities, recreation or green areas, utilities and drainage plans. Such preliminary site plans, if approved, shall form the basis for the granting of the appropriate zoning, but shall not constitute the required approval of a license to operate or a permit to construct a manufactured housing development;
   (B)   Data as may be requested by the Community Development Director or his or her designee to determine that the proposed manufactured housing development will comply with all legal requirements;
   (C)   An application to amend the zoning map may be filed concurrently with an application to establish a manufactured housing development or subdivision.
(Ord. 1287, passed 8-10-99)