(A)   Every person, firm or corporation desiring to create, establish, develop, construct or operate a manufactured housing development or expand a mobile home park shall make written application for a manufactured housing development license. The written application shall be made to the Community Development Department, upon forms provided by the Community Development Director or his or her designee; such written application to include the following:
      (1)   Applicant’s name and mailing address;
      (2)   Deed indicating the applicant is the legal owner of the property for which the request is made;
      (3)   Five copies of a manufactured housing development site development plan as described in § 152.21. The site development plan shall be a scaled drawing of an appropriate dimension signed and sealed on the appropriate pages by a registered engineer, architect or land surveyor as appropriate and shall include the following:
         (a)   A north arrow, date, scale and appropriate legend;
         (b)   One-foot contour intervals, reflecting actual (real-world) elevations;
         (c)   Location and size of all easements, utilities and rights-of-way existing and proposed;
         (d)   All public and private street names, both existing and proposed;
         (e)   Location and size of all proposed manufactured home spaces, utility and drainage easements, public streets and rights-of-way, private drives with surface types, walkways, parking spaces with surface types, drainage improvements, recreational spaces, screening, offices and any other contemplated permanent structures or improvements;
         (f)   Location and size of all existing or proposed permanent improvements, including pads, off-street parking with surface types and utilities;
         (g)   All proposed front, side and rear yard setback distances.
   (B)   The manufactured housing development site plan shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for review study and recommendation. The same shall then be submitted to the Durant City Council for approval, denial or conditional approval. Once approved, the land covered by such manufactured housing development site plan shall be developed in accordance therewith as approved. Any change, modification, revision or deviation thereof may be grounds for the revocation of the manufactured housing development license issued and deemed a violation of this chapter. Approved deviations must bear the signature of the Community Development Director or his or her designee and must be documented with an approved set of as-built plans prior to occupation of the development and issuance of any occupancy permit for any individual structure within the development.
   (C)   The Planning Commission and/or the Durant City Council may require alterations, modifications or amendments of the manufactured housing development site plan when deemed necessary for the inclusion of easements, rights-of-ways, utilities, improvement plans or any other amendment necessary for the general welfare of the public.
   (D)   Improvement bonds may also be required to be furnished on the subject property for public streets, water lines, sewer lines, storm-water drainage structures and all other public improvements.
(Ord. 1287, passed 8-10-99)