General Provisions
   152.01   Definitions
   152.02   Purpose
   152.03   License application
   152.04   License issuance
   152.05   License transfer
   152.06   License suspension or revocation
   152.07   Procedure for obtaining a manufactured housing development designation
Requirements and Regulations
   152.20   Location restrictions
   152.21   Site development plans required
   152.22   Manufacture housing developments
   152.23   Design review standards
   152.24   Site development plans review
   152.25   Building permits and inspections
   152.26   General inspections
   152.27   Registration of manufactured and mobile homes and their occupants
   152.28   Pre-existing or nonconforming uses
   152.29   Residential use of camp trailers, dependent mobile homes, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, or motor homes
   152.30   Individual mobile home requirements
   152.31   Manufactured housing subdivisions
Siting Manufactured Homes in Existing (R-1, R-2, or R-3) Residential Districts
   152.45   Siting manufactured homes in existing (R-1, R-2, or R-3) residential districts
   152.46   Application for installation
   152.47   Information required for review of an application to install a manufactured home
   152.48   Process for consideration of an application
   152.49   Standards for determination of exterior similarity and/or compatibility