§ 150.133  EXCEPTION.
   (A)   Any permit required by this subchapter may be issued to any person to do any work required by this subchapter in a single-family dwelling used exclusively for living purposes, including the usual accessory buildings and quarters in connection with such buildings, provided the person is the bona fide owner of such dwelling and that the same will be occupied by the owner, and that the owner shall personally purchase all material and perform all labor in connection therewith. The Mechanical Inspector must inspect the work to see that it complies with this subchapter, and the owner shall pay the regular schedule fees for permits.
   (B)   The registration provisions of this subchapter do not apply to:
      (1)   A person who is the property owner of record, or his or her authorized representative, when performing minor repair which shall include but not be limited to cleaning, adjusting, calibration and repair of mechanical system parts and replacement of fuses and room thermostats and other minor repairs which shall not include any repair which could violate the safe operations of the equipment;
      (2)   The installation of portable, self- contained, ductless air conditioners or heaters;
      (3)   The setting or connecting of detached air conditioning units which utilize flexible duct work on manufactured homes. The term manufactured home shall be the same as defined in 47 O.S. § 1102; or
      (4)   The installation of boilers which are subject to the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Labor pursuant to the provisions of 40 O.S. §§ 141.1 through 141.18.
   (C)   The registration requirements of this subchapter shall not apply to public utilities, public service corporations, rural electric association or municipal utilities and their subsidiaries during work on their own facilities or during the performance of energy audits, operational inspections, minor maintenance or minor repairs for their customers or on their own equipment.
(`93 Code, § 5-809)  (Ord. 1125, passed 3-8-88; Am. Ord. 1155, passed 12-11-90)