(A)   (1)   No person shall practice or engage in the business, trade or occupation of a mechanical contractor, a mechanical plumber or a mechanical apprentice unless he or she is registered as such with the Mechanical Inspector of the city as required in the city’s mechanical code. The registration fees to be paid to the City Clerk shall be as set by the Council by motion or resolution for mechanical contractor.
      (2)   Payment of the fee shall accompany the application. All registration certificates shall expire on June 30 of each year. However, all mechanical registrants presently holding paid-up licenses from the city shall be given credit pro rata for the unexpired portion thereof in the event they do register under the code within 30 days from the effective date thereof. Otherwise, all original applicants for registration shall pay a full year’s fee as herein designated, save and except that those original applicants who are registered after January 1, upon the first renewal of the registration, be entitled to credit for the renewal year in an amount as will give them credit pro rata on the unused portion of their first year’s registration.
   (B)   Bond and insurance requirements of mechanical contractors shall meet the requirements established by state law prior to the issuance of a license or registration.
(`93 Code, § 5-807)  (Ord. 1125, passed 3-8-88; Am. Ord. 1155, passed 12-11-90; Am. Ord. 1782, passed 12-8-15)
Statutory reference:
   State mechanical licenses required, cities may require registration, see 59 O.S. §§ 1850.1 et seq.