§ 150.127  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM.  The process of treating air by controlling its temperature, humidity and cleanliness to meet the requirements of a designated area.
   GAS PIPING.  All natural gas piping within or adjacent to any building, structure or conveyance on the premises and to the connection with a natural gas meter, regulator or other source of supply.
   HEATING SYSTEMS.  Systems consisting of air heating appliances from which the heated air is distributed and shall include any accessory apparatus and equipment installed in connection therewith.
   MECHANICAL APPRENTICE or APPRENTICE.  Any person 16 years of age or older whose principal occupation is learning mechanical work on the job under the direct supervision of a journeyman or contractor.
   MECHANICAL CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR.  Any person engaged in the business of planning, contracting, supervising or furnishing labor or labor and materials for mechanical work.
   MECHANICAL FIRM.  Any corporation, partnership, association, proprietorship or other business entity which plans or engages or offers to engage in mechanical work for another within this state.
   MECHANICAL JOURNEYMAN or JOURNEYMAN.  Any person other than a contractor or apprentice who engages in mechanical work.
   MECHANICAL WORK.  The installation, maintenance, repair or revocation, in whole or in part, of any heating system, cooling system, mechanical refrigeration system or ventilation system or any equipment or material, including process piping used in the installation, maintenance, repair or renovation of such systems, provided that minor repairs are excluded.
   REFRIGERATION SYSTEM.  The erection, installation, repairing and servicing of a system employing a fluid which normally is vaporized and liquefied in an air conditioning system, food preservation measure or manufacturing process.
   SHEET METAL.  The erection, installation and repairing of all ferrous or nonferrous duct work and all other materials used in all air conditioning.
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