(A)   Before any electrical wiring, device or equipment, subject to the provisions of this  subchapter, is altered or repaired, a permit therefor must be obtained from the Electrical Inspector. The permit shall state the location of the work to be done, a description of the work and whether it will consist of a new installation or addition or repair or alteration of an old installation and the name of the owner or occupant of the building or premises. Unless the permit is for work described in § 150.057, the permit shall be issued only in the name of a licensed electrical contractor upon the presentation of an application by the contractor in person. An agent or employee of the contractor shall not be allowed to act on behalf of the contractor.
   (B)   The permit, when issued, shall be for such installation as described in the application, and no deviation shall be made from the installation so described without the written approval of the Electrical Inspector.
   (C)   Upon the completion of the installation of any electrical wiring, devices or equipment it shall be the duty of the person, firm or corporation installing same to notify the Electrical Inspector, and the Inspector shall inspect the installation within 48 hours after notice is given.
   (D)   If upon inspection it is found that any part of the installation does not comply with the provisions of this subchapter, the Inspector shall give notice in writing of the violation to the person, firm or corporation to whom the permit was issued.
(`93 Code, § 5-308)  (Ord. 1059, passed 4-10-84; Am. Ord. 1155, passed 12-11-90)