(A)   This chapter shall not be construed to affect the responsibility or liability of any party owning, operating, controlling or installing any equipment, appliance, piping, building or structure governed by this chapter, for damages to persons or to property caused by any defect therein, nor shall the city or any officer or employee of the city be held as assuming such liability by reason of any inspection made or permit or approval issued pursuant to this chapter.
   (B)   It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to construct or alter a building or structure, or to begin to do the same, without securing from the City Clerk Community Development Department a permit therefor.
   (C)   For a permit for the construction or alteration of a building or structure, the fee shall be as set by the Council by motion or resolution.
   (D)   No building permit shall have any force or effect unless it has attached to it or written upon it a receipt or other statement from the Community Development Department showing payment of any and all fees required by this section or by any other ordinance.
   (E)   Expiration of permit.  Every permit issued shall become invalid unless the start of construction, as defined herein, on the site and authorized by such permit is commenced within 180 days after the permit issuance, or if the work authorized on the site by such permit is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days after the time the of the start of construction is commenced, or 180 days after the time of the last inspection. The Building Official is authorized to grant, in writing, one or more extensions of time, for periods not more than 180 days each. The extension shall be requested in writing and justifiable cause demonstrated and must be requested prior to the expiration date.
(`93 Code, § 5-108)  (Am. Ord. 1561, passed 7-10-07)  Penalty, see § 10.99