(A)   The city is not required to furnish water of any special or specific analysis or in any special amount but only has a duty to furnish such potable water that may be supplied from any such source the city may select, and in an amount within the capacity of the city’s pumping plants and storage facilities.
   (B)   If an accident or occurrence impedes the city’s ability to supply water to its customers or to the municipality for the suppression of fire or any other critical need, the city shall not be liable for any damage by reason of any such failure to provide adequate water to the customer.
   (C)   The city reserves the right to temporarily discontinue and to reconnect water supply to all consumers, without notice, for the purpose of making repairs, maintenance, connections, extensions, construction or cleaning of mains, machinery, or reservoirs.
   (D)   In case of willful or unreasonable waste of water by a customer, the City Manager or his or her designee shall have the right to terminate the water.
   (E)   No person except authorized employees of the City Utility Department shall make any adjustment to the water supply line or meter at the stopcock (meter stop) in the meter box without written permission from the Utility Department.
   (F)   No person shall interfere with or bypass the city’s meter in such a manner as to obtain water without the full amount being registered on such meter. Upon discovery, the city shall disconnect the water supply. Such account shall be reconnected only at the discretion of the city and only after payment for water used, as estimated by the city at twice the rate otherwise applicable, plus the cost of rerouting and repairing the service to register accurate water use through the meter.
   (G)   Access to a water meter shall not be obstructed in any manner or means, including access to the premises made dangerous by placement of a vicious animal, vehicle, obstacle, or obstruction, thereby preventing a meter reader from obtaining a meter reading. In the event of obstruction, the water use charges shall be estimated in an amount not to exceed double the average amount of the previous year. If the customer fails to remedy the condition or refuses to pay the estimated bill, the city shall have the right to discontinue water service without further notice and service shall not be restored until the obstructive causing the termination of water supply has been remedied and all charges for water service are paid.
   (H)   Dual connections (more than one user on a single meter) to avoid sanitary sewer charges are prohibited. Dual connections must be approved in advance by the City Utility Department.
(Prior Code, § 52.11) (Ord. 1696, passed 3-12-2013) Penalty, see § 10.99