General Provisions
   97.01   Business uses of streets prohibited
   97.02   Unlawful to obstruct unduly sidewalks and streets
   97.03   Unlawful to deposit trash upon streets or sidewalks
   97.04   Unlawful to play on sidewalks and in streets
   97.05   Water and mud from vehicle not to drain into street
   97.06   Water from filling stations and other businesses
   97.07   Sidewalk or sidewalk area not to become hazard
   97.08   Cutting curbs or city streets
   97.09   Street Department or contractor to cut curbs or streets or bore thereunder; charge to applicant
   97.10   Construction or repair work to be completed promptly
   97.11   Sidewalks blocked by construction work
   97.12   Restoring surface of street
   97.13   Supervision
   97.14   When tunneling required
Trees and Shrubbery
   97.25   Trees and shrubbery to be trimmed
   97.26   Unlawful to injure trees and shrubbery
Street, Culvert and Driveway Standards
   97.40   Street construction must meet standards
   97.41   Concrete surface requirements
   97.42   Permit required for culverts, driveways, signs, certain fences
   97.43   Appeals
   97.55   Definitions
   97.56   Notice prior to excavation required
   97.57   Location of facilities by city
   97.58   Emergency exception to requirements of prior notice
   97.59   Contents of notice
   97.60   Power equipment prohibited
   97.61   Notice of damage; repairs; excavator’s duty
   97.62   Responsibility of excavator
   97.63   Failure to comply
   97.64   Determination of cost
   97.65   Mailing of claim
   97.66   Notice to unauthorized excavator; city’s duty
   97.98   Violations