General Provisions
   96.001   Definitions
   96.002   Animals not to be at large
   96.003   Turning animals at large unlawful
   96.004   Pasturing in public areas illegal
   96.005   Swine prohibited
   96.006   Animals which may disturb prohibited
   96.007   Buildings for animals, construction and conditions
   96.008   Disposal of manure
   96.009   Health Officer to inspect
   96.010   Zoning Code to prevail
   96.011   Prohibition of animal sales by itinerant merchants
Vicious, Dangerous and Diseased Animals
   96.015   Vicious, dangerous and diseased animals prohibited
   96.016   Summons and complaint
   96.017   Impoundment
   96.018   Hearing
   96.019   Determination
   96.020   Violation and penalties
Dog and Cat Regulations
   96.025   Number of dogs and cats permitted
   96.026   Kennels
   96.027   Dog parks
   96.030   Dogs and cats to be vaccinated
Rabies and Animal Bites
   96.040   Animal bites; rabies examination; quarantine
   96.041   Rabies diagnoses; quarantine of city; time limit
   96.042   Killing or removing rabid animal prohibited
   96.043   Reports of bite cases; report by veterinarian
   96.044   Investigations for violation of chapter
Cruelty to Animals
   96.055   General
   96.056   Poisoning animals
   96.057   Encouraging animals to fight
   96.058   Leaving animal(s) in vehicle
Exotic Animals
   96.070   Keeping of wild, exotic or dangerous animals
Bird Sanctuary
   96.085   Bird sanctuary designated
   96.086   Unlawful to trap or hunt
   96.087   Council may order destruction
Animal Shelter
   96.100   Established
   96.101   Animals to be impounded; disposal
   96.102   Breaking pound
   96.103   Fees for impounding
   96.104   Owner may redeem
   96.105   Sale of impounded animals
   96.106   Owner may claim excess money
   96.998   Violations