(A)   The limited keeping of chickens may be permitted as an accessory use to a legally established single-family residence subject to the following:
      (1)   The property shall be occupied with a single-family home.  The owner of the chickens shall live in the dwelling on the property.
      (2)   No person shall keep more than five total hen chickens.
      (3)   No person shall keep roosters or adult male chickens.
      (4)   Chickens shall be kept within a separate enclosed accessory building and fenced outdoor containment area subject to the following:
         (a)   The accessory building shall be less than 120 square feet in size and not exceed six feet in height.
         (b)   The accessory building shall comply with all setbacks and other standards for accessory buildings, unless otherwise stated herein.
         (c)   Any outdoor containment areas shall be screened from view from all neighboring properties and rights-of-way. Outdoor containment areas shall not exceed 20 feet per bird and shall not have a fenced enclosure greater than six feet in height.
         (d)   Any accessory building or containment area shall be located in the rear yard only and shall be at least 25 feet from any side or rear property lines.
         (e)   Fencing used to contain chickens shall comply with applicable conditions of the City Code.
         (f)   Chickens shall not be kept within the dwelling unit or garage.
         (g)   The accessory building and/or containment area shall be maintained in good repair, in a clean and sanitary manner, free of vermin, and free of objectionable odors.
         (h)   Chickens shall remain in the accessory building and/or containment area at all times and shall not run at large.
         (i)   Chickens shall remain in the accessory building from sunset to sunrise each day to prevent nuisance noise and the attraction of vermin and predators.
         (j)   Accessory buildings for the purpose of this ordinance shall not count towards the number of accessory building permitted or the size limitations as stated in § 154.063.
         (k)   The slaughter of chickens on site is prohibited.
         (l)   The raising of chickens for breeding purposes is prohibited.
         (m)   The sale of eggs or other commercial activity on the premises is prohibited.
         (n)   Feces and discarded feed shall be regularly collected and only stored temporarily on site in a leak-proof container with a tight-fitting cover to prevent nuisance odors and the attraction of vermin. Such waste shall not be composted on site.
         (o)   Chicken feed shall be stored in leak-proof containers with a tight-fitting cover to prevent attracting vermin.
   (B)   The keeping of farm animals other than chickens or in greater numbers than permitted by division (A) above shall comply with all other requirements of the City Code.
(Ord. 2019-06, passed 8-12-2019, § 2)