(A)   Non-conforming signs. Any non-conforming on-premises sign lawfully existing upon the effective date of this section may be continued at the size and in the manner existing upon such date, subject to the following provisions.
      (1)   Maintenance and repair. Nothing in this section shall be construed as relieving the owner or user of a legal non-conforming sign or owner of the property on which the legal non-conforming sign is located from the provisions of this section regarding safety, maintenance and repair of signs; provided that, any repainting, cleaning and other normal maintenance or repair of the sign or sign structure shall not modify the sign structure or copy in any way which makes it more non-conforming or the sign shall lose its legal non-conforming status. Illegal, non-conforming signs shall be removed by the property owner within ten days of notice from the City.
      (2)   Prohibited alterations. A non-conforming sign may not be:
         (a)   Structurally altered, except to bring it into compliance with the provisions of this section;
         (b)   Enlarged;
         (c)   Re-established after its removal or discontinuance;
         (d)   Repaired or otherwise restored, unless the damage is to less than 50% of sign structure value as determined by the Zoning Administrator; and/or
         (e)   Replaced (applies to structure only and not message).
   (B)   Non-conforming uses. When the principal use of land is legally non-conforming under this chapter, all existing or proposed signs in conjunction with that land, unless otherwise provided for by this chapter or the City code, shall be considered conforming if they are in compliance with the sign provisions for the zoning district in which the principal use is allowed.
(Ord. passed 3-20-2002, § 27, sub. 11)