(A)   The area within the frame of a sign shall be used to calculate the square footage; except that, the width of a frame exceeding 12 inches shall constitute sign face, and if the letters or graphics be mounted directly on a wall or fascia or in a way as to be without a frame the dimensions for calculating the square footage shall be the area extending six inches beyond the periphery formed around the letters or graphics in a plane figure bounded by straight lines connecting the outermost points thereof. Each surface utilized to display a message or to attract attention shall be measured as a separate sign and shall be calculated in the overall square footage. Symbols, flags, pictures, wording, figures or other forms of graphics painted on or attached to windows, walls, awnings, freestanding structures, suspended by balloons or kites or on persons, animals or vehicles are considered a sign and are included in calculating the overall square footage.
   (B)   The sign area for a sign with more than one face shall be computed by adding together the area of all sign faces visible from any one point. When two identical sign faces are placed back to back, so that both faces cannot be viewed from any point at the same time, and when the sign faces are part of the same sign structure and are not more than 42 inches apart, the sign area shall be computed by the measurement of one of the faces.
(Ord. passed 3-20-2002, § 27, sub. 7)