(A)   Subdividers and/or home builders shall be required to replace trees which were indicated on the tree protection management plan to be saved but ultimately were destroyed or damaged. The subdivider and home builder shall be required to replace each tree destroyed or damaged with two replacement trees.
   (B)   Replacement trees may consist of existing trees moved from a tree removal zone or nursery stock and be a species similar to the trees which were destroyed or damaged, and be approved by the City. All replacement trees shall meet the following size requirements:
      (1)   Deciduous trees: no less than two and one-half inches in diameter (DBH); and
      (2)   Coniferous trees: no less than six feet high.
   (C)   Replacement trees shall not be placed on easements or street rights-of-way. The Zoning Administrator shall determine the locations of tree replacement for subdivider’s tree plans.
   (D)   Any replacement tree which is not alive or healthy, as determined by the Zoning Administrator, or which subsequently dies within one year after the date of planting, shall be removed by the developer/builder and replaced with a new healthy tree meeting the same minimum size requirements within eight months of removal.
(Ord. passed 3-20-2002, § 25, sub. 5)