(A)   (1)   Facades should be articulated to reduce the massive scale and the uniform, impersonal appearances of large retail buildings and provide visual interest that will be consistent with the community’s identity, character and scale.
      (2)   The intent is to encourage a more human scale that City residents will be able to identify with their community.
   (B)   (1)   Any facade greater than 100 feet in length, measured horizontally, shall incorporate wall plane projections or recesses having a depth of at least 3% of the length of the facade and extending at least 20% of the length of the facade.
      (2)   No uninterrupted length of any facade shall exceed 100 horizontal feet.
      (3)   Ground floor facades that face public streets shall have arcades, display windows, entry areas, awnings or other such features along no less than 60% of their horizontal length.
(Ord. passed 3-20-2002, § 24, Art. II, 1)