§ 154.117  ENTRANCES.
   (A)   Large retail buildings should feature multiple entrances. Multiple building entrances reduce walking distances from cars, facilitate pedestrian and bicycle access from public sidewalks and provide convenience where certain entrances offer access to individual stores, or identified departments of a store. Multiple entrances also mitigate the effect of the unbroken walls and neglected areas that often characterize building facades that face bordering land uses.
   (B)   At least two sides of a large retail establishment shall feature customer entrances. This standard may be met on one side by the presence of “liner” stores. The two required sides shall be those planned to have the highest level of public pedestrian activity, and one of the sides shall be that which most directly faces a street with pedestrian access. The other of the two sides may face a second street with pedestrian access and/or a main parking lot area. All entrances shall be architecturally prominent and clearly visible from the abutting public street. Movie theaters are exempt from this requirement.
(Ord. passed 3-20-2002, § 24, Art. I, 3)