The following building height regulations shall apply in residential, commercial and industrial districts.
   (A)   No structure in any district shall exceed three stories or 35 feet, whichever is less, unless a conditional use permit is authorized in the district to allow taller buildings.
   (B)   The building height limits do not apply to chimneys or flues, church spires, belfries, cupolas and domes which do not contain usable space, elevator penthouses, flag poles, poles, cooling towers, towers and other structures for essential services, and wind energy conversion system towers, other structures for essential services, radio and television antennas not exceeding 20 feet above the roof, monuments, parapet walls extending not more than three feet above the limiting height of the building, necessary mechanical and electrical appurtenances and farm buildings.
(Ord. passed 3-20-2002, § 4, sub. 7)