(A)   Purpose. The purpose of this section is to establish a formal plan review procedure and provide regulations pertaining to the enforcement of site design and construction standards as agreed to by the applicant through officially submitted plan documents.
   (B)   Building permits. The Building Official and the Fire Marshal shall approve all plans prior to the issuance of any building permit.
   (C)   Staff review.
      (1)   Three weeks shall be allowed for staff review to be completed.
      (2)   If not approved as submitted, one copy of the plans will be returned to the applicant with required corrections or changes noted in red.
      (3)   Ten days shall be allowed for review of revised plans.
   (D)   Notification. If approved as submitted, notification will be given to the applicant. If the applicant and the City Engineer cannot agree on the proposed site and/or building features, then the applicant shall be required to present the proposal to the Planning Commission for resolution of issues. The Planning Commission shall determine whether these requirements have been adequately addressed and incorporated, and shall forward its recommendations to the City Council for approval.
   (E)   Plan agreements.
      (1)   All site and construction plans officially submitted to the City shall be treated as a formal agreement between the applicant and the City.
      (2)   Once approved, no changes, modifications or alterations shall be made to any plan detail, standard or specification without prior submission of a plan modification request to the Building Official and City Engineer for review and approval.
   (F)   Enforcement. The Building Official shall have the authority to order the stopping of any and all site improvement activities, when and where a violation of the provisions of this section has been officially documented by the Building Official or the City Engineer.
(Ord. passed 3-20-2002, § 3, sub. 4)