(A)   The City Council shall designate, by resolution, on what streets, sidewalks, boulevards or public ways the trees and shrubs should be trimmed and cared for, the kind of work to be done and what unsound trees and shrubs should be removed.
   (B)   Before any tree care is performed pursuant to the resolution, the Clerk-Treasurer shall publish notice that the City Council will meet to consider the tree care as current expense. The notice shall be published in the official newspaper and a copy mailed to every person having an interest in the property concerned at his or her last known address at least once no less than one week prior to the meeting, and shall state the date, time and place of the meeting, the streets, sidewalks, boulevards or public ways affected, the particular tree care required, and the estimated cost of the tree care as service charges either in total amount or on the basis of the proposed assessment.
   (C)   At the hearing or at any adjournment thereof, the Council shall hear property owners with reference to the scope and desirability of the proposed current service. The Council shall, thereupon, adopt a resolution confirming the original current service project with modifications as it deems desirable and shall provide for the doing of the work by day labor or by contract.
   (D)   A record shall be kept of the cost and portion of the cost properly attributable to each lot and parcel of property abutting on the street, sidewalk, boulevard or public way where the current service is done and shall be filed with the City Clerk-Treasurer.
   (E)   The owner of property on which or adjacent to which current service has been performed under this section shall be personally liable for the cost of the service. As soon as the service has been completed and the cost determined, the City Clerk-Treasurer shall prepare a bill and mail it to the owner and, thereafter, the amount stated shall be due and payable at the office of the City Clerk-Treasurer.
   (F)   On or before September 1 of each year, the City Clerk-Treasurer shall prepare a statement of the unpaid current service charges and a description of the property against which the charges should be assessed under this section. The City Council may, by resolution, then spread the charges against the property benefitted as a special assessment under M.S. § 429.101, as it may be amended from time to time, and other pertinent statutes for certification to the County Auditor and collection the following year along with current taxes.
(Prior Code, § 904.02)