(A)   Blasting precautions. No person shall blast or cause to be blasted within 300 feet of any building of the City, rocks or other material without having the same covered by good sound timbers, or sheet metal of sufficient weight, length and thickness and so placed as effectively to prevent fragments of rock or other material blasted from ascending into the air, or shall fail to notify persons approaching the scene of any blasting that blasting is being done.
   (B)   Placing objects in public highways. No person shall place, throw or cause to be placed or thrown on any street, alley, sidewalk or other public property any glass, tacks, nails, bottles or other substances or things that might wound any person or animal, or cut or puncture any pneumatic tire when passing over the same.
   (C)   Obstructing sidewalks. No person shall leave or allow to be left any implements, tools, boxes, merchandise, goods, trash, cans or crates on any sidewalk or other public way longer than is necessary for loading or unloading the same.
   (D)   Maintaining sidewalk level. No owner of any property having a sidewalk adjacent thereto shall permit any plank, brick, stone or segment of the sidewalk to be raised above the established level of the sidewalk more than one-half inch, in any manner which might catch the foot of a pedestrian, or shall permit any holes or depressions to occur in the sidewalk in which a pedestrian might step or catch his or her foot in a manner liable to cause injury.
   (E)   Posting bills. No person shall put up any handbills, advertisement, posters, showbills or other sign on any building, pole or property not his or her own, without permission from the owner thereof.
   (F)   Defacing public property. No person shall cut, carve, mark, etch, engrave any character, figure, letter or name upon any building owned, occupied or used by the City, or shall in any manner mar, deface or injure any trees, shrub, plant, vines or any other public property in, on or around the grounds upon which the building is situated.
   (G)   Willful destruction of public park property. No person shall willfully and without authority cut, pluck or otherwise injure any flowers, shrubs or trees growing in or around any public park, or other public grounds of the City, or shall willfully injure or destroy any stand, bench or other property situated on the park or ground.
   (H)   Interference with public sewers and culverts. No person shall willfully injure or destroy, or attempt to injure or destroy, any public sewer or culvert, or shall molest any sewer or culvert, or any part of the sewer or culvert, by removing the cover of any flush tank, manhole or other part of the public sewer system or culvert, without authority to do so.
   (I)   Withholding City property.
      (1)   No person shall take possession of any property, real or personal, belonging to the City, or to the possession of which the City shall be entitled, or shall commit any trespass thereon, or shall unlawfully withhold the property from the City, and the unlawful withholding of the property, after demand therefor has been made under the direction of the City Council, shall be deemed a new and separate offense for every day the possession is withheld after the demand.
      (2)   All City employees, contractors and elected officials must return all City property to Clerk-Treasurer before final check is issued.
   (J)   Deposits on sidewalks. Whenever any lot or piece of land abutting on any sidewalk shall become or remain in such a condition that earth, grass or other substances therefrom accumulate on the sidewalk, and the owner of the lot or piece of land shall refuse or neglect to place the same in a condition as to prevent the washing or accumulating on the sidewalk, the owner shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and each day that the owner shall refuse or neglect to abate the condition after notice from the Street Commissioner shall constitute a separate offense.
   (K)   Interference with sidewalks. No person shall loosen or remove any plank, brick, block or support from any sidewalk, crosswalk, curbing or gutter; provided, this section shall not apply to persons making repairs on any sidewalk, gutter, curb or crosswalk, or any person temporarily removing the same on account of building operations.
   (L)   Snow, grass and yard waste. No person shall place, leave or allow to accumulate any snow, grass or yard waste on any public sidewalk, street or other public property.
(Prior Code, § 903.05)  Penalty, see § 152.99