(A)   All land fill operations shall be completed within 90 days of the issuance of the permit. Upon completion, the permit holder shall notify the Building Official in writing to the City and upon a satisfactory showing of need, the City Council may grant an extension of time. If the extension is granted, it shall be for a definite period and the City’s Building Official shall issue an extension permit. Extensions shall not be granted in cases where the permit holder fails to show that good faith efforts were made to complete the land fill operation within 90 days and that failure to complete the operation was due to circumstances beyond the permit holder’s control, such as shortage of fill material, Teamster’s strike, unusually inclement weather, illness or other valid and reasonable excuse for non-completion. In the event a request for an extension is denied, the permit holder shall be allowed a reasonable time to comply with the other provisions of this section relating to grading, leveling and seeding or sodding. What constitutes “reasonable time” shall be determined by the City’s Building Official after inspecting the premises.
   (B)   (1)   At the completion of a land fill operation, the premises shall be graded, leveled and seeded or sodded with grass. The grade shall be an elevation with reference to any abutting street or public way as the Building Official shall prescribe in the permit. The site shall also conform to the prerequisites as the Building Official may determine with reference to storm water drainage runoff and storm water passage or flowage so that the land fill cannot become a source of, or an aggravation to, storm water drainage conditions in the area. The Building Official shall inspect the project following completion to determine if the applicant has complied with the conditions required of him or her.
      (2)   Failure of the compliance shall result in the withholding of any building permits for the site and notice of the withholding shall be filed in the office of the County Recorder for the purpose of putting subsequent purchasers on notice.
(Prior Code, § 1106.08)